The following are some of the most popular skills and tricks in football

There are so many tricks and skills in football that I won't mention here. We will only provide 10 examples of popular tricks. It is possible that there will be more tricks created in the future.

Here we present the 10 most popular tricks in football. Which is your favourite,


Also known as Flip Flap. many believe this trick was invented by the skillful Brazilian player, Rivelino in the 70s. Then Algerian Salah Assad perfected it in the 80s. This trick is often used by Ronaldinho.


Other names of this trick are Marseille Turn, Maradona and Gringo. It is not clear who created this trick, but Yves Mariot did it in the '70s in France. This trick then became very popular after being used by Maradona and especially Zinedine Zidane

Hocus Pocus

It is not clear who the 'inventor' of this trick is. Anderson (Manchester United) has shown his ability to master this trick when he was still playing for Gremio. Some say that Hocus Pocus is a variation of Elastico which is slightly similar to Rabona.


Stepover is an old trick. Almost all professional players can do this trick. What makes the difference is whether the player dares to use it effectively in the game as Ronaldo has always shown.

Heel Chop

To do Heel Chop, a player must have very good acceleration. The essence of this trick is to change the direction of the ball so quickly that the opponent can't catch it.

Cruyff Turn

From the name, it is clear that the creator of this trick is Johan Cruyff. The legend first showed off this trick at the 1974 World Cup. Until now the Cruyff Turn is still widely used by professional football players.

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